Easing the Demand for Energy

Many believe that Earth is alive and conscious and that human mining activities, deforestation and chemical assault are making her sicker by the day.

It astounds me that in this day and age, many still want to further increase the demands that have already been placed on planet Earth.

It's like smoking. A person smokes for years thinking all is good. Finally the smoker gets to the point where they have no choice but to give up. But having abused the body for so many years, it is now too late to return to the good health they once had. Let's not continue harming the earth on which we live and depend.

And so with competitive grabs for energy sources and resources, alarm bells are going off in the minds of many, but how do we stop the runaway train?

Is the oil extraction humans are doing to the earth akin to draining her blood. Is it the blood of the earth? Or is it the bile? Anyway, point is… did anybody stop to wonder what purpose the oil serves? (Besides powering our cars and things). So, what is the purpose of the oil in the earth? Does it serve some hydraulic function, perhaps? If we really think about that, it might cause us to stop and think before extracting it. Humans seem to take for granted that the resources we find are there for the taking; preferably before some other human gets to it first. Sure, we can turn to alternative sources. That's a great idea; to a point. But what about if we actually slowed down the rate of knots at which we do the things we do? Is it my imagination or have people got no time for each other these days? Society seems to be in a hurry and getting faster. Faster food, faster transport, faster TV scenes. It's all about increasing, maximizing, acquiring more and so on.

Is humanity loosing touch with simply living and being?

Perhaps the sooner we start to look for ideas and ways to de-frag our minds and slow down the pace, the sooner we might have some hope of restoring this home planet that we depend on.

Studying is a great way to use time. Learning about worthwhile things is a great way to distract the mind from "DOING". Why "DO" something the wrong way when you can study?

Here are some suggestions that may help:

* Walk, use a bicycle, take public transport and only take a vehicle where necessary.
* Ask town planners to make towns more bicycle friendly.
* Don't expect others to fit your idea of perfect.
* Before venturing overseas, consider if you have explored the area where you live.
* Grow food or shop for simple un-packaged ingredients.
* Write or read an inspiring story.
* Seek spiritual meaning.
* Meditate or try a relaxing practice that involves slow body movement such as Tai Chi, Yoga or Massage.

So many people have not had much experience of getting in touch with the energy of slow movement. Gardening is great for studying slow movement. It's like a long drawn-out time lapse process watching plants, their flowers and fruit grow as you water them daily. Learn to look at things as if it were the first time you ever saw them. Then maybe the miracle of an opening flower can be appreciated for the miracle that it is.