Do We Need To Hurry Up And Slow Down?


It's time for a quick quiz to review and test what you learned about the oxygen cycle in school. Do you remember this following diagram?


Here is a first question for you to answer...

1. What is the main source of oxygen in the above diagram?

While there are 3 things in the diagram needed to produce oxygen, the tree is the answer we are looking for.

Here is another diagram to consider...

2. In the above diagram, which items produce carbon dioxide?

The answers we are looking for are the building, the living animal and the decomposing animal.

3. Thinking carefully... In the above diagram, which item is multiplying at an accellerating rate on the surface of the earth? (This is not a trick question).

The correct answer is, the building.

4. Again in the above diagram, in recent history, which item has been removed at an accellerating from the surface of the earth?

If you answered the plant, you are correct.

5. Now thinking carefully again... To make room for the carbon dioxide producing building, what needs to be removed?

Yes, it's the plant (and the living animal that lives among the plant). Can you identify an inverse relationship here?

Oxygen producing plants are being removed to make way for carbon dioxide producing buildings which are being occupied by consumers of carbon dioxide producing creatures which are being bred at an increasing rate all producing carbon dioxide at an increasing rate. The reducing number of oxygen producing plants are becoming less able to process the increasing amount of carbon dioxide being produced by the increasing abount of carbon dioxide producing buildings, their occupants and the animals that they breed to eat.

Here are a few ideas to help change this trend for the better:

Move your diet away from animal food products in favour of more plant based food. This way more plant growth will be encouraged.

Let us protect land that is inhabited by plants and animals instead of continually allowing new land to be "cleared" for building. The term "cleared" or "clearing" is perhaps somewhat of a misnomer. Perhaps "decimation" might be a more apt term. We see land clearing making way for development regulartly, but since it only happens once; (ie... the land is "cleared" and can never be put back to the exact way it was); it is not seen as a "regular" occurance with respect to one location.