Bicycle Parking

It has dawned on me that there is only one solitary bicycle parking bar provided at my local supermarket. With over an acre of car parking bays there; does it not seem a little strange that there is only one bike bar provided to lock a bicycle to? And furthermore; it's tucked around the side of the supermarket and you wouldn't know it was there unless you knew it was there. I thought about it some more and wondered... if there were several bicycle bars, and placed in the middle of all the car parks in full view... might it make people wonder if it might be a good idea to cycle to the supermarket? Would it make at least some people question whether they really need to drag a ton of metal, plastic and fossil fuel along with them, simply to pick up a few items that would easily fit into a back pack? Do you think it's time that supermarket chains, councils and traffic authorities take cycling more seriously and make provision for cyclists to feel safe on roads and provide locking facilities in parking areas?

I have found that riding a road bike can be a bit scary in places due to stones of various sizes gathered in patches on roads; especially on bends, for some reason. Such patches of stone are a hazard to narrow high pressure tyres and can cause a bike to slide and fall. Stones like these can be left behind after roadworks, or cars can tend to spread them onto the road surface from the edge of the road on bends and corners where motorists tend to set their outer wheels over the edge of the road while going around a corner. This is one of the problems of cyclists having to share roadways with motor vehicles. While it is great to have the freedom to share these roads, roadside stones are a hazard that need to be addressed in some way.

If you don't think that these are valid concerns, consider taking a ride into the city with small children on their bikes. Immediately busy roads with large, potentially dangerous vehicles, will seem like a battle ground where the odds of survival and well-being seem threatened.

We are living in a time where there is a great contrast of transport options sharing the same carriage ways. A child's bicycle and a large foreboding semi-trailer with exhaust brakes roaring and not easy to stop, should not have to face one another. Sure, there are bicycle lanes, but they are not always consistent. Sometimes bike lanes begin and end in places where bicycle and vehicle have to merge into the same carriageway around driveway entrances and roundabouts etc.

So what is the solution? I think this is certainly a challenging time for road planning into the future. It may not be until the average "around town" vehicle becomes small enough, light enough and or slow enough that it is safe for those vehicles and a child's bicycle to share roads together.